560 Sizer Orange

Size marker optimized for use with all Devyser's fragment analysis products run on a capillary electrophoresis instrument

The Devyser 560 SIZER ORANGE size marker for capillary electrophoresis is designed to provide consistent intensities and migration pattern and is compatible with the most commonly used fluorescent dye-sets where an orange color size marker is needed for capillary electrophoresis analysis. The fragments included in the 560 SIZER ORANGE size marker are uniformly spaced to provide accurate base calling and precise sizing of DNA fragments.


Accuracy – The 560 SIZER ORANGE size marker is evaluated for resolution, intensity and background on capillary electrophoresis genetic analyzers. It is free of extraneous peaks over its entire sizing range. In addition, the marker produces consistent within run and between run sizing creating a size curve that is linear.

Speed and Ease of use – Optimized for use with all Devyser’s capillary electophoresis products.

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Internal lane standard/size standard for capillary electrophoresis
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