Devyser CFTR Italia

A Cystic fibrosis diagnostic test specifically for patients with Italian ancestry.

  • Designed for the Italian population
  • Detects the normal and mutant alleles at 31 loci of the CFTR gene
  • Includes ID markers for sample identity confirmation

Enables detection of 31 mutations specifically found in the Italian population with parallel detection of the corresponding normal alleles. Devyser CFTR Italia also includes analysis of cross-mix ID markers for sample identity confirmation between different Devyser CFTR products.

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Devyser CFTR Italia v2
Detection of the following CFTR mutations: 711+5A, 1898+3G, 2184delA, 4016insT, 4382delA, M1V, P5L, Q39X, D110E, D110H, G178R, R352Q, S549R(A>C), Q552X, D579G, E585X, R1066H, D1152H, R1158X, G1244E, CFTRdele1, CFTRdele2, CFTRdele2ins182, CFTRdele14b-17b, CFTRdele17a-18, CFTRdele22,23, CFTRdele22-24, 852del22, 1259insA, G1349D, c.1584+18672A>G and corresponding wild type alleles. Calibrated with DEV-5.
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